About us

SONet is a network of professionals created to enable multidisciplinary projects related to the sustainable development of human activities on other planets.

SONet has an Executive Board that provides structure and representation, and takes executive decisions when needed (e.g. organise network level events, lobby for support, secure infrastructure funding, etc.). SONet and its board are not (yet) registered legal entities. Depending on the outcome of the next funding round, we may consider further options.
At this early stage, the board is fixed to a small number of founding members representing a variety of relevant expertises and countries. However, we plan to setup a participative process to propose and become member of the board within the next year. The current members of the board are

  • Guillem Anglada-Escudé(chair), Inst. de Ciències de l’Espai/CSIC & IEEC, Spain
  • Lucy Berthoud, University of Bristol, UK
  • David Cullen, Cranfield University, UK
  • Gisela Detrell, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Philipp Hartlieb, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria
  • Michele Lavagna, Politecnico di Milano
  • Alfredo Muñoz, ABIBOO Studio USA/Spain/India
  • Owen Hugh Pearce, PEARCE+ / Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Joan-Pau Sanchez Cuartielles, Cranfield University, UK
  • Miquel Sureda, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya & IEEC, Spain

You can read about their professional profiles here.

Interested in participating?

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