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If you are an expert and/or a professional in a relevant area, and you would like to become a member, please contact us via, and we will send you the instructions.

Members receive regular updates through our e-mail distribution lists, and they are listed on our website. Among other things, members are invited to join & participate in funding proposals, student co-supervision projects and multidisciplinary research projects. Being member will not cost you any money, but it implies certain commitment in terms of providing expertise and feedback to the community.

All applications to become a full member will need to be reviewed and approved by the board. This is to ensure that new members have relevant expertise, affiliations and/or professional track records to qualify for national, and international funding proposals. All cases will be examined and considered, but the basic requirement to become a full member can be loosely defined as having at least 3 years of experience in your professional or academic sector after university level graduation, and with no restriction on the discipline (sciences, arts, engineering, education, social sciences, etc. are all welcome).

Individuals from all nationalities are invited to apply. We particularly welcome applications from members of underrepresented countries and communities.

Associated membership participation with less stringent requirements in terms of necessary expertise and track record, will be offered in the forthcoming months.

Are you a student?

Looking for a Master/PhD level project or supervisor? Are you studying or considering applying to a programme related to the development of sustainable development of space settlements?

Contact us via

Want to be informed?

Do you want to be informed of news releases, public activities and events endorsed by SONet? Then subscribe to our public newsletter by sending an e-mail to

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